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Going Wireless

October 18, 2006

I was reading this article in U.S. News & World Report  “Is There Room for the Soul?”  in which various theories of the consciousness were explained.  I found the article extremely interesting except that every scientific theory that was explained I could somehow still rationalize a soul and include God into the grand scheme of things.


What I am getting at is that it won’t really matter that any of this is explained, we may be able to explain the conscious and then equate it to the soul, but like demonstrated by every child there is an infinity of whys that will occur.  In the end it won’t matter to me that you have mapped out my brain and attributed every neuron to every receptor for every stimuli.


In the end I will just tell you that like me and my microsoft mouse and keyboard, God has gone wireless. 

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  1. October 18, 2006 10:22 pm

    There were big complications at my baby’s birth. Without exaggerating, I have to say it is a miracle he survived. We were told, as a result of the birth, that he was likely to have disabilities and slow development. He has had numerous check-ups and tests since he was born. A couple of months ago he had an MRI of the brain and we were told his ventricles were enlarged. One doctor told us this meant he had brain atrophy and that he could develop problems in the future. Another doctor said that while the condition existed, it was still within the realms of normality. So how is my baby today? Absolutely normal. He shows no signs of disability and is progressing at the usual rate. In fact, he’s *very* cheeky! My biggest fear was that the birth had taken away some essential part of his consciousness. I was so miserable after he had the MRI because I thought that any sort of damage would have altered him as a person. Now I don’t think that is the case. He is who he was always meant to be, regardless of his brain. I believe our consciousness is much more complicated than we can ever understand. As you say, every neuron in the brain can be mapped but that will say little about the full picture.

  2. October 19, 2006 4:18 pm

    Ah, such human hubris, that it can map the brain and think it understands the human heart and soul.
    This fleshy body that houses our spirit is more than the sum of its parts.

    Ya Haqq!

  3. October 20, 2006 4:35 pm


    I’m glad to hear that everything is okay and you are absolutely right that he is who he is meant to be.

    I too have had complications during pregnancy – 2 out of 3 were recesitated and the third pregnancy while delivery went smoothly I spent 6 months giving myself insulin and sleeping as they couldn’t control my sugar levels. Allhamdullilah, All 3 of my children are perfectly healthy today.

    Irving – well said!

  4. October 20, 2006 9:36 pm

    I am happy to hear your children are healthy and I hope you are doing well too now, Samaha.

    I took it for granted in pregnancy that everything would be OK. The thought of the baby dying and having to be rescusitated didn’t enter my mind. I see the world so differently now (in a positive way). I won’t ever stop being grateful for the gift of my baby’s life.

  5. October 21, 2006 6:09 am

    The fact that consciousness can be proven to exist does not mean it is not in some way divine. It’s not an either/or. As the Catholic theologian GK Chesterton said, God does not make the universe according to laws he then breaks.

  6. October 21, 2006 2:30 pm

    Well, they do know it exists, they are getting close to explaining how it works.

    I agree though – so what? It really won’t make a difference to the faithful.

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