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Abu Omar Released

February 12, 2007

Back in January I posted this in regards to Extraordinary Rendition and the things our country has been party to in the name of national security and the war on terror.  That same post makes mention of Osama Hassan Mustafa Nasr, aka Abu Omar in which I have linked a page which contains the Osama Hassan Mustafa Nasr’s written testimony from his jail cell.

Today, Osama Hassan Mustafa Nasr, has been released by the Egyptian State Security Court that found his detention to be unfounded.  Additionally, his lawyer has stated:

Asked whether Nasr would remain silent about what had happened to him in detention, lawyer Montasser al-Zayat told Reuters in Egypt that he had “(chosen) to live, and avoid the painful years he’s lived through…he wants to raise his children.”

Furthermore, Abu Omar, has stated that he won’t be returning to his home in Italy and will not be providing evidence as a judge contemplates indicting 26 Americans and 5 Italians related to his kidnapping.

“I’ve been reduced to a wreck of a human being,” Nasr told Italy’s ANSA news agency by telephone.

“I cannot speak. I cannot leave the country. I don’t want to go to prison again.”

Also, an arrest warrant has been issued in Italy for the arrest of Abu Omar for his possible ties to terrorist activities.  While the investigation into Abu Omar’s ties with terrorism is inconclusive, prosecutors say that they do have the evidence to convict the 26 Americans and 5 Italians for kidnapping Abu Omar.

However, Zayat, Abu Omar’s lawyer has in comments to Italian press agencies stated plans to sue former prime minister Berlusconi who denies any knowledge of the plans, yet keeps files about the case classified.

So what is going to become of people like Abu Omar who have in the name of a war on terror suffered through torture in the hands of foreign countries acting on our behalf?  What is going to become of all of the men in Guantanamo?  What will we know of them?  Will we know of their innocence?  I’m sure we will know of their guilt, but I have to ask myself if these detainees are going to lugg behind them whereever they may go that they were once in Guantanamo?  Will their names be cleared or will they tow not only their nightmares but unclarified accusations with them for the rest of their lives?

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