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Accountabilty And Responsibilty

February 16, 2007

As I was browsing the www in search of more information about Sulejman Talovic, I have been running accross blogs which seem to be dedicated to reporting about Jihad and their version of Islam. This leads me to ask this question:  What accountablity factor is there to blogging?  Where is the responsibility factor?

Let’s take Jihadwatch for instance. 

Salt Lake City shooter “a good boy”

The serenity with which he dispatched his victims suggests that he may have thought he was doing the will of Allah.

Of course there is also Today’s article: Terrorism not ruled out in Salt Lake case.  It is also news if there is no reason to believe it was terrorism.  And, please don’t get me wrong now, it would also be news if they didn’t know if terrorism is a possiblity:

The killer in Salt Lake City turns out to be a “Bosnian refugee.” Sudden Jihad Syndrome? I don’t know. But I do know that that is one possibility that will almost certainly remain unexplored by investigators.

What I would like to know is this: if there is absolutely no connection to terrorism, will Jihadwatch post the information on that?  Will Jihadwatch spend as much time clarifying how this individual was not related to terrorism so as to instill within its readers the same urgency of opinion?

I guess that is not the point of a site called “Jihadwatch” but it is scary how many other sites link to Jihadwatch articles, flooding the internet with one version of a story that may never be followed up again.  Where will the future of the information highway take us?  As it stands right now, it’s turning into a high-speed one way road to nowhere. 

Apparently, I’m not the only advocate for accountability and responsibility, as covered by desert news.  It is ashame that it is all comming to this.

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