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The Equality Project: Brainstorming

March 21, 2007

This post is crossposted at Eteraz: States of Islam and while I would like these thoughts to stay in one place – over at Etaraz (it’s really simple to register) I will still keep these comments open here as well.

The Islamic Reformer is a liar he said …. and that’s when I said I’d put up a brainstorming post and here it is.  Forget the tea and cookies – go put on a pot of coffee!

It was back in January sometime when I wrote “An Apology To My Daughters” that I had come up with the idea for The Equality Project and had started working on it, gathering email addresses, designing the header, researching web hosting, writting the Call For Essays, the guidelines and a vision and mission for the project.  All but the guidelines are up at the site.

Unfortunately, the project failed to attract any essays or statements even though I have recieved many e-mails of encouragement it seems that a common theme is time constraints.  Currently I am rethinking the project and have been considering obtaining permission to repost/reprint/reproduce works of scholars that have allready written on the topic a suggestion that was made by two different scholars, one of which has agreed to the project posting his work (we’ll get to that in a bit).  This idea appeals to me as having a central site dedicated to women’s issues in which one can come to as a source of information from credible scholars and that is carefully categorized for ease of use would be beneficial to addressing and researching women’s issues that Muslims face today. 

Ali had also proposed:

if you’re up for it, you should write a two paragraph thing which a scholar might be up for signing. we can then raise the funds and publish it in islamica.

and now that I am done sulking, this idea isn’t too shabby, although instead of raising funds to publish it – i think it should be well thought out and pitched to Islamica magazine (I would pitch it).

This weekend Dr. Khaled Abou El Fadl’s staff has e-mailed in regards to the project – giving The Equality Project permission to reproduce and reprint items that relate to women’s rights issues that  Dr. Abou El Fadl has authored and has also given me permission to post his biography in the Author/Contributor page.  

Now, I realize that the current idea that I am toying with is much more complicated, requires not only finding essays online, but it may possibly require retyping excerpts from books.  I am looking for volunteers to help research and typing as well.

Also this is not set in stone, so, does anyone have any other ideas, advice, elaboration or offers of help in regards to this project?

I did say brainstorming…

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