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The Sorry State Of Our Religiosity

August 9, 2007

I recieved the following news article in my e-mail box this morning – all the way from Pakistan and translated as well.  Sometime in the next week I’ll write a little more about Javed Ahmed Ghamidi but it will take some research and if there is anything you would like addressed about him, please e-mail or leave a comment here.  At the bottom of the article I’ll post some related articles and blog posts that will give you some background in regards to discussions that have been taking place and the news that Javed Ahmed Ghamidi has been the center of.

The Sorry State of Our Religiosity

The program came to an end. No sooner did Mr. Javed Ahmad Ghamidi descend from the altar of the stage, a man went after him in pursuit. He had a religious journal in his hand; bringing it closer to Mr Ghamidi, he expectantly exclaimed: “Look, what Mawlana Taqi Usmani has written: It is permissible to write Qur’anic text with urine!” Mr Ghamidi had a cursory look at the person. Without bothering to take the journal from his hands for getting a confirmation of what he had said, he proceeded ahead, giving his clear verdict on the issue: “The Mawlana cannot possibly say anything like that.”

 I am personally a witness to the above-quoted incident which took place in the recording room of Geo Television. It happened during a period when a strong campaign had been launched against Mawlana Taqi Usmani by his detractors. And it wasn’t a movement based on mere speculative allegations: His critics were supporting their allegations with ‘proofs’ from his writings. However, Mr Ghamidi brushed aside the very possibility of entertaining the idea of carrying any ill-feeling against a respected fellow scholar. His response served me with an effective lesson on how a scholar acting as a representative of the prophet, may Allah’s mercy be on him, should stand tall, far above the petty immoral rivalries, which one sadly witnesses amongst the present-day ‘competing adversaries.’ The behaviour of Mr Ghamidi reminded me that in Surah Nur (twenty-fourth chapter of Qur’an), while commenting on the circumstances surrounding the false allegations raised against Ayesha, the wife of the prophet, the Almighty had emphasized upon Muslims not to entertain negative thoughts about fellow believers.

 I had a similar experience some while earlier too when there were allegations brought before Mr Ghamidi against another prominent scholar. Don’t ask what those allegations were, because there could be few charges more horrible than the ones made against that scholar. Had Mr Ghamidi desired, he could have launched a campaign to malign him on the basis of those charges. However, he did what was befitting for a scholar representing Islam: He didn’t allow the allegations against his contemporary scholar to go beyond him, even though the beneficiary of his magnanimous act was a person who had, as if, sworn it as one of the goals of his life to malign Mr. Ghamidi as an evil worthy of being eliminated.

 People ask me if Mr Ghamidi had authored the script of a film; if he responded to the challenge of Qur’an by authoring a Qur’an-like text; if he received funding from the government; if he was against Jihad; if he believed the Bible to be the source of Islamic teachings instead of Qur’an; and many other similar questions. When I ask them as to who was the person they picked these pieces of information from, they mention the names of a religious journal, a religious personality, or a religious scholar. Such is the state of our present-day religiosity!

 People say that our biggest problem is the US, or the disputes of Kashmir and Palestine, or the scourge of proliferating obscenity. Instead, I strongly believe that our biggest problem is our morally bankrupt religiosity which is all the time eager to wage a jihad on others to implement Islam but it is never able to see the worst kind of moral evils in their own ranks. It is able to see even in pitch darkness the conspiracies hatched against Islam by the Jews and Christians, but it is never able to see the deceptions of Satan playing havoc with their own souls even in the light of the Qur’an and the model of the prophet. It has guns in its hands, and religious slogans on its tongues, but their hearts are devoid of God’s fear and their characters are uninfluenced by the grace of the prophet’s personality.

 Quite often I think that if Muslims are facing God’s wrath, there was nothing else causing it to happen save the manifestation of the Almighty’s justice. If people of such character are representing the leadership of Islam and the common man is content with following them in large numbers, the Almighty, it seems, is content with the destruction and ignominy of Muslims. God has no blood relations with any nation. He deals with all peoples on merit. If the torch-bearers of Islam and the representatives of the prophet, Allah’s mercy be on him, are people of such low character, then be sure that the decline of Muslims is not coming to an end as yet. As long as the character of Muslims in general and their leadership in particular would not change, neither their present nor their future would change.     

Author: Rehan Yusufi


General Information and Work:




Boston Globe: The Fundamental Moderate

In regards to the movie mentioned in the article: The New Movie That’s All The Rage In Pakistan


Eteraz has been all over this for a while now: Finally, Javed Ahmed Ghamidi Getting Some Play – Ali has quite a few informative links on this post.  But – I have to say for the record that I disagree with Ali that Ghamidi is irrelevant to western Muslims – Ghamidi is relevant even to western Muslims – when it comes to gender relations and equality he most definately is.

Non Sceptical Essays has this and this to say on Ghamidi.

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  1. August 24, 2007 3:55 am

    jazakallah for sharing these

  2. Sameer permalink
    September 7, 2007 12:09 am

    Assalam-O-Alaikum, Everyone.

    I have already watched this movie on internet – This is true it’s a thought provoking movie and this is actually a new trend-setter movie in Lollywood – Only thing I would say, we should NOT AT ALL discourage the movies which quote/reference Islam. Media is the most powerful tool in this era. Others make a movie, a TV program, a website or a newspaper article and try to deteriorate ISLAM and its teachings by lies and fake stuff, and then inject that wrong belief/idea to the whole world, using Hollywood, Bollywood, CNN, BBC or etc. Every other movie in Hollywood and Bollywood is agains ISLAM and Muslims, and what we are doing in response, NOTHING. For example if they have spreaded the concept that Muslims are terrorist and they kill others, through their movies/media. DID we make any movie in response to tell this world the truth by quoting HADIT and QURAN as it says ‘KILLING AN INNOCENT HUMAN BEING IS KILLING THE WHOLE HUMANITY’ – So now after this movie, for example if someone else tries to make another movie about Terrorism and quotes/reference QURAN and HADIT, and tries to show the world that what actually ISLAM says about killing innocents, and how much ISLAM condemns , then he will do an EXTREMELY good job.

    I live in London and have heard thoughts of Hindus, Christians, and people from other religions about us Muslims, and when I tell them that killing anyone like that is not allowed in our religion, they get surprised that if its really in QURAN. So in short I just want to say, please, please, please USE media as much as possible to spread the right teachings and concepts of ISLAM so that we could tell others that they should not judge ISLAM just by looking at a few Muslims – and they should try to look into the real ISLAM which is the ‘MOST BEAUTIFUL WAY OF LIFE’

    I appreciate this effort of the director but at the same time, I think some parts of the movie are controversial and a proper research may not have been done about these issues. I would strongly urge everyone who is into media, and doing some efforts for the same purpose, that they should be very careful before quoting/referencing ISLAM. Because if something goes wrong, and they released something not-well-researched to the world, it may effect thousands of lives and which is going to be an extremely big responsibility BUT please just don’t stop and go ahead – DO Research and try to equip today’s media with everything you can to show that ISLAM is really for everyone and for the whole humanity. And depict the beauty of ISLAM they way it should be done.


    Sameer (New Media Designer – London UK)

  3. September 7, 2007 3:36 pm


    Those are some valid points and I haven’t watched the movie – hopefully I will be able to get a subtitled version but (again without seeing the movie) it is also a reality that Quran and Hadith are quoted by Muslims innacurately – that there are Muslims out there that use Islam to justify horrific actions. I agree that we just don’t see the beautiful Islam that the majority of Muslims believe in but sadly such a movie most likely won’t attract an audience.

    So the responsibility lies with all of us Muslims to show through our own actions, our deen – how beautiful Islam is and how peaceful Muslims are. We can do this through so many ways – such as through many of the blogs that we see online and just making friends outside of our Muslim circle. Simply saying that this is not Islam (in cases where people use Islam in horrific ways) is an injustice in itself – it’s an injustice to Islam, to Muslims and to Humanity. If we can’t confront the issue that Islam is used to justify wrongful acts and ignore those actions by saying this is not Islam – we actually help those who recruit to extremist ideollogy.

  4. September 14, 2007 1:24 am

    Assalam alaikum

    I am agree with you all.


  5. November 21, 2007 11:50 am

    Salam all

    Ghamdi is new Fitna Like abu ala Modudi

  6. Abdullah permalink
    November 29, 2008 2:28 am

    Javed Ahmed Ghamidi By Doctor Mufti Abdul Wahid

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