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Anti-War Movement Being Fined $10,000.00

August 17, 2007

The ANSWER Coalition has recieved fines of $10,000.00 for placement of their posters advertising the anti-war march to take place on September 15, 2007.

This is a major event taking place during the whole week and is timed to coincide with the report of General Patraeus and the debate in congress on the Iraq war.  There are some 90 cities with organized transportation.

Those of you interested in attending or volunteering for this event can look for the button on my side bar to get the information directly from the site.

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  1. Michael Pugliese permalink
    August 18, 2007 2:30 am


    Tuesday, August 14, 2007 (202) 671-2375/desk

    (202) 497-1080/cell



    DC regulations (DCMR Title 24, Section 108) provide guidelines
    for posting signs in public space. The regulations balance free speech
    with keeping the city neat by: 1. supporting the right to free speech
    by giving people access to public space to express themselves; and 2.
    Keeping the public space from appearing cluttered by limiting the
    number of signs per block. The District hosts marches and protests all
    the time and we never weigh in on the merits of the issues, rather our
    role is to keep the city neat.


    DPW asks people to respect District of Columbia residents by
    following the guidelines.


    These posters were improperly placed for the following reasons:


    More than three signs were posted on one side of a block,
    the guidelines limit the number to three. (108.10)

    The posters were placed on more than lampposts, which is
    the only place where they are allowed. (100, which says if the site is
    not mentioned, posters cannot be placed there.)

    The posters were fixed to lampposts and utility boxes
    using an adhesive, which is not allowed. The larger posters are taking
    20 to 30 minutes to remove. (108.9)

    The posters do not provide the date they were placed. (108.7)

    No one filed two copies of the materials with the Mayor’s
    DC government designee (Office of Surface Permits). The filing should
    be made within 24 hours of posting each sign and include the name,
    address, and telephone number of the posters’ originator. (108.11)

    Stop Government Attacks Against the Anti-War Movement!

    Take Action to Defend Free Speech

  2. Michael Pugliese permalink
    August 18, 2007 2:35 am

    seeing on your blogroll some excellent websitews on Srebenica and Bosnia, you are aware I assume that the ANSWER Coalition (front group for the Stalinist Workers World Party) took a stand, in favor of the Serbian genocidalists, both in the Bosnian and Kosovar conflicts, no?

  3. August 18, 2007 5:07 pm

    Michael thank you for your comments. The video does show the cities point of view as well – which is why I posted the video. While the timing of starting to crack down on posters in general in the area I would imagine that the city must have thought about just this act alone may bring more national attention to the anti-war demonstration taking place.

    As to your comment in regards to siding with the Serbian genocidalists .. this weighs very heavy on my heart. What seemed to be a certainty of attending is now turning into a maybe – for me.

    Still – this march is a joint effort by the following groups:

    Join Iraq Veterans Against the War, Veterans for Peace, the ANSWER Coalition, Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation, and thousands of others in Washington DC on September 15 for a huge antiwar protest timed to coincide with the report by General Petraeus on the “Surge” in Iraq.

    I will take the time to research this more and do some heavy thinking about the matter and will do a write up after the weekend. If you have any links besides worldnet daily and frontpage mag in regards to the backing of the serbians – would you mind posting them here? Two links at a time should avoid the spam filter – or you can email me and let me know the date and time of your comment and i can check the spam filter.

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