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We’re Watching You .. Um, Yeah but We’re Watching You!

September 27, 2007

I remember a day when we’d be screaming invasion of privacy and yet today I know that most of us will read this article and we’ll just shrug our shoulders.  Congrats Big Brother 😉

That aside, I have to say that it’s a pretty impressive system but I do hope they think this through:

It could alert emergency officials if the same car or truck circles the Sears Tower three times..

Anyone ever look for street parking in downtown Chicago?  Anyone ever have to pick someone up at a major landmark in downtown?  Too bad parking garages aren’t up on the stock exchange.

Personally, I’d like to see the city do something about making sure that this, this and this doesn’t take place again.  I need to know that the people that I SHOULD BE ABLE TO TRUST and FEEL SAFE WITH are trustworthy and act responsibly with their authority.  We’ll never recognize a terrorist but we do recognize our police and we go to them for safety or we may even be pulled over by them for traffic tickets.  Maybe permanently attaching cameras to the police officers would be another sound investment – afterall it seems to me that the chances of being brutalized by a cop in Chicago are greater than being killed by a terrorist attack in Chicago.

Of course the effects of a terrorist attack are far reaching – they go beyond Chicago and affect the moral and psyche of a whole nation, a nation becomes traumatized and by protecting Chicago we are protecting a nation.  It’s just sad when we can’t trust our own authorities to keep us safe .. and that my friends also extends past the victims of police brutality it extends to their families, to their neighbors, to their communities.  These fine examples that are being set extend to anyone being profiled .. to blacks, to hispanics, to anyone that looks Muslim, to gays, etc.  But we can just keep all that local, right?

On the other side:

People of the Web features a write up about Cop Watch LA.  So, uh, yeah – like – the people are now watching the cops.  I guess this is what needs to be done.

A presence on the street
Cop Watch LA is no longer relying on mere coincidence to capture images of police misbehavior. Dressed in black and red Cop Watch T shirts, the young members are motivated and vigilant — telling their own stories of victimization at the hands of police. When many young adults are often sleeping in during the weekends, they are often getting up before 7 a.m. to patrol downtown LA in an effort, Austin says, to keep police from harassing the homeless population.

I asked him if the police know about Cop Watch LA and who he is. Austin said they do, and that police told him recently, “‘We know who you guys are. We know about you. We know you’re out here. We’re not scared of you guys.'”

But Austin said he thinks police do feel threatened when the cameras come out. The exchange, he said, “came off as kind of defensive: ‘We’re not [scared] of you guys.'”

“OK,” he added, “we’re not afraid of you either. That’s why we’re here.”

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