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The Obama “Muslim Thing”

March 3, 2008

I really don’t care – I’ll state that off the bat.  I haven’t cared that in the past Obama has always been on the defensive of a fear mongering campaign and never said “not that there is anything wrong with being a Muslim”.  I think this has been a bunch of smut politics and have just recently posted this.  Basically, I believe the smut politics is a wash.  Obama may lose some support because of it but on the other hand Hillary loses some support because of it.  I know I’m having a hard time admiring her for it but I’m leaving my decision up to where each candidate stands on the issues.  THAT’S WHAT IS IMPORTANT.

For those of you that have issues with Obama not stating “not that there is anything wrong with being Muslim” .. I’m reffering you to Ali Eteraz’s blog where you can watch a clip from 60 Minutes and hear Obama himself state:

 “I have never been a Muslim. Am not a Muslim. These emails are obviously not just offensive to me, somebody who is a devout Christian, who’s been going to the same Church for the last twenty years, but its also offensive to Muslims, because it plays into, obviously, a certain fear-mongering there.“

Now you can feel relieved and maybe be able to move on and take a look at where each candidate stands on the issues.  Issues such as national health care, immigration, the war on terror, the state of the economy, gun control, education, welfare .. you need to know where each candidate stands on these issues – these are the issues that are crucial to America.

Eteraz is also speaking to someone from Obama’s campaign in regards to Muslim outreach so you may want to watch his post for more information.

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  1. March 3, 2008 11:32 pm

    I don’t like Hillary.

    Muslims should get smart about politics and realize sometimes someone may not be saying some stuff for political reasons and let it go. Demanding perfection always means disappointment.

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