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Mixin it up – the new with the old

March 6, 2008

I’ve been listening to a little Dino Merlin today and thought I’d share this feat by Krazy Bosnians which has mixed Dino’s old song “Kad Zamirusu Jorgovani” with a bit of rap.

This isn’t an ilahija or spiritual music but Merlin has always been one of my favorites.  His music tends to be a mix of traditional Bosnian music and top 20.  This particular song is from before the war, during the Yugoslavia days, the female vocals are by Vesna Zmijanac.  The song has always brought back memories of the days before the war and while it is a love song about two people asking each other how they will exist without each other, how empty they feel without each other, one off in a land where he feels isolated, the song has always for me been about the love I feel for Bosnia.  This version seems appropriate – the old mixed with the new.


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