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Education Under Seige

April 14, 2008

Update: Authorities say that students can return to class at Malcolm X college. source

Malcolm X College was evacuated and closed today due to threats found written on a bathroom wall. On Friday St. Xavier College closed indefinately due to threats found written on a bathroom wall and four other public and parochial schools in the vicinity have closed as a precaution.

December 2007, Northern Illinois University had closed, as well, due to threats written on a dormatory’s restroom walls and days before the Northern Illinois University massacre a threat was recieved and dismissed for lack of credibility:

Just last December, the NIU campus was shut down after someone wrote on a dormitory bathroom wall that black students would be killed. Just last week, the university received another threat. In an interview yesterday, Grady, the police chief, declined to specify the nature of that threat, and said it was dismissed for a lack of credibility. Despite campus officials’ pronouncements that they have taken significant security steps, for now, it seems little can soothe the uneasiness here.  source

I know there isn’t much that can be done for all of the guns out there that aren’t registered and are illegal but considering that both the Virginia Tech incident and the NIU incident both occured with legally purchased and registered guns, maybe we need to start looking at ways to make enforced gun free zones.  Can guns be simply fitted and retrofitted with gps locators in which there would be an alert system which would notify officials of a weapon entering a gun free zone?  I mean, if I can find and pinpoint the exact location of my child through our cell phone system, I’m assuming that the technology is there.



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