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Under the Microscope

April 15, 2008

Jesus Christ!  This pope just can’t catch a break.  If it’s not the Muslims up in a bunch over his statements, it’s the Jews who are up in a bunch over his prayers seeking god to convert them.  If it’s not the Jews or Muslims, it’s the Hindus.  If it’s not the Muslims, Jews, or Hindus, it’s his brothers and sisters through Christ that are up in a bunch over sex scandals in the church.  Then there are the gay rights activists, the gender equality activists and the list goes on – okay let me throw in you atheists and agnostics – don’t want you to feel all left out.  Wow – you know I really can’t remember Pope John Paul II having pissed off this many people.

Now, one Muslim group is not going to attend an interfaith event because they believe the pope should have had a private meeting with Muslim leaders and to me it seems like a “that’s not fair, they get to” crying game.  Okay, that’s putting it all under the microscope a bit in my book and boo hoo hoo that he didn’t but I guess it’s their right to not go .. just as it is mine to write this, just as it is the right of journalists to publish the story, just as it yours to make what you want of all of this.


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