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Foreign or Domestic

May 15, 2008

Apparently, two military helicopters were vandalized in the production line of a Boeing plant in Pennsylvania.  We’re not talking some kickin graffiti here folks, we’re talking a deliberate act of apparent broken/severed wires and a suspicious bolt.

Maybe I’m writting this up a bit too soon but so far I’ve seen no posts pointing the finger to homegrown Islamic terrorists.  Of course, anyone who knows anything about aerospace and the recent contract awarded to Airbus (now being disputed) or anyone who has bothered to notice the reception McCain has received by irrate Boeing employees probably has enough brain matter to pause button their quick little fingers. 

So, no, I’m not really surprised that I haven’t found posts pointing fingers but I am extremely surprised that as a nation we’re not discussing this at all.  We’re not making statements that this act wasn’t acceptable from where ever it may have come from.  We’re not wondering how this could have happened – this is a matter of national security and while yes, we may be assuming that this came from within – why are we not asking what security measures can be taken to assure that our military equipment can not be sabotaged?  Why are we not jumping the gun and pointing out all of the ramifications of this episode – like – well now Boeing will have to up security and add to the costs of any future bids they submit?  Have we become sympathizers and apologists because this just may be the work of our suffering Americans?

It’s not just this.  A few weeks back I was watching ER and hmmmm .. there was a hostage situation and there we were portraying a criminal as a human being.  Now, I realize that we do this on occasion but the difference is that this time the focus of the show was that this happened because of our economy, because of our failed credit practices.  This is something that is affecting a large portion of Americans right now and the criminal behavior was romanticized. 

You know, I’m not even the one that has a problem with this because the reality is that desperate people do desperate things.  However, all too often, we as Americans like things to be black and white when it comes to things foreign.  Many of us have no problems with the overabundance of terrorist related films – as long as the terrorist is strictly the bad guy – black and white.  However, if that terrorist suddenly takes on shades of grey, if we portray that terrorist as a human being and that terrorist suddenly no longer takes on the form of absolute evil, even though he still may be construed as “bad” and not “good” – some of us will react with absolute disgust. 

Can we be pre-emptive about facing the realities of what the ramifications are in terms of the economy?  Can we stop for a moment and think about all of the desperate acts that may be commited by people facing job loss, losing their homes, the affects of the cost of food going up, gas going up?  Can we stop for a moment and address these things as vigilantly as we address terrorism?  Can we stop for one moment to consider what thriving conditions exist for Hamas and Al Qaeda to recruit?  Can we stop for one moment and apply that to what can happen in our own society?


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