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Tarik Ibn Zayad Academy – Doesn’t Teach Islam But…

May 20, 2008

Eteraz originally posted about this a couple weeks back and I have a lengthier comment there.

The State Education Department has ruled that the curriculum at Tarik Ibn Zayed Academy complies with federal and state laws. source  Haha .. I was right.

However, while the state has stated that the noon prayer was acceptable Monday through Thursday, the state has an issue with the Friday Juma prayer which lasts 30 minutes and also that teachers and students are praying together.  The school will have to address this issue and make changes.  So, it appears that I was right that noon prayers would be problematic.  However, since I made the comment, I have been looking into separation of church and state a little more thoroughly and have found that students may even be dismissed from class on a regular basis for religious instruction – so I’m not quite sure where the basis is for complaint in terms of the length of prayer.  If the school is sharing the headquarters of the Muslim American Society of Minnesota – I would assume that it would be simple to designate the prayer area as part of the headquarters and not of the school – then a program based on this type of program would work within state and federal laws.  Certainly though, I still understand the issue with teachers and students praying together.

One additional issue needs to be addressed and that is bussing.  As it is currently, students are dismissed from class and no bus service is available until the end of the extra-curricular activities.  The school will, starting in the fall, have to provide bus service immediately following the last class.  Okay – so I missed one – sue me.



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