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Karadzic, Mladic, Hadzic aka The Serbia-EU Express(One stop NATO): Is It Really Welcome by Serbs?

July 24, 2008

Update:  Okay, there seems to be something going on over at RTS .. apparently the SRS (Serb Radical Party) leader Tomislav Nikolic has threatened RTS twice in the past few days.  The SRS has threatened to obstruct RTS’s work.  This of course may explain the predominantly radical comments (possibly a campaign) that I had read earlier and noticed then later a change in comments – as noted at the bottom of this post.  This still does not excuse the lack of positive reaction to Karadzic’s arrest or media manipulation of comments.  Let’s see if the Serbian bloggers can take this task up – so far – I’ve been to one blog that says that everyone knows what Karadzic did and those that don’t believe he did those things are never going to believe – I say you try anyway.

Serbia announced today that it is restoring it’s ambassadors to EU countries that have acknowledged Kosovo’s independence.  Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic insists that this move is not capitulation but rather that Serbia is trying to change its parameters in a constructive manner.  The goal is two-fold: integration into the EU and pursuing it’s hold on Kosovo through a diplomatic battle. source

Additionally, Serbia has taken additional steps in regards to foreign affiliations today by announcing the Serbian government’s intention of securing a security agreement with NATO in which Serbia and NATO will share information.  While a Serbian delegation must still meet with NATO, Spasojevic clearly states that this is a sign of the first step Serbia is taking towards an operational membership with a Partner in Peace. source

This past weeks news of Karadzic’s arrest in Serbia has news stories full of reactions of Bosnian Muslims along with the contrasting reactions of Bosnian Serbs (and yes there are few exceptions).  The international reaction has been positive, of course, and talk of capturing Mladic and Hadzic were overwhelming in most articles.

A few stories have come out of Serbia regarding Serbian reaction which range from a couple of hundred to several hundred protestors outside of the Belgrade court where Karadzic is being held and their violence against the press.  It would so seem that Serbs in Serbia are more enamored of Karadzic’s transformation into a health guru hiding out in the open, writting articles, public appearances and speeches at conferences, his frequenting a local pub with his picture on the wall and his alleged mistress than they are about the arrest.

It still struck me as strange that Serbs weren’t a little more elated about the capture of Karadzic, after all, this is a significant step towards EU integration and this is what they wanted (so be it that it was a slim majority) they did afterall vote in the government that made this all possible.  I decided today that I wanted to see the Serbian reaction to the news that Mladic handed over Karadzic. 

Talk about denial.  The overwhelming comments to the article referencing the Telegraph were full of conspiracy theories and anti-American sentiment is rather scary – I think I’d be safer traveling through RS or Serbia with a Bosnian passport.  Get passed all the conspiracy theories though and one begins to realize that these men are really heros to many Serbs and one has to ask where is the debate? 

I searched a few more articles and much of the same.

After having some difficulty accessing the site, internet explorer kept comming up with an error page that the page could not be found but when I finally was able to get back into the site, there it was, what I assume to be the first article “Radovan Karadzic Captured” which begins with some very enthusiastic comments and yes, there were those full of scorn as well but at least there was a mixed reaction.

Still, it is quite obvious that a radical nationalist opinion exists in Serbia.  Since I began writting this many of the comments in articles that I have looked at have changed, strangely enough right after I was having access problems, to reflect a more mixed reaction but that doesn’t change the radical elements that exist within the society.

Is this change a welcome one by Serbs?  A slim majority voted the powers that are making these steps into power but can the moderates hold on to this position?  Is the new found government facing the same battles that the government that turned over Milosevic is facing?  These are important questions because if the moderates can not hold onto a majority and that EU membership isn’t delivering them salvation from their dreary lives – we’re quite possibly looking at another Milosevic being elected.

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  1. July 25, 2008 12:12 pm

    Wonderful. And we’ve got another “Bush” in the works here.

  2. Owen permalink*
    July 25, 2008 1:12 pm

    The rest of the world has been taking a long, hard look at the damage Karadzic caused, including the pernicious effects of Republika Srpska’s continued existence. I just wish we might hear a bit more comment from Serbian sources about the devastated lives people are living thanks to him and his pals, and rather less twitter about alternative therapy, beards, totty and domestic politics.

    If there is genuine and substantial popular support in Serbia for bringing war criminals to justice, rather just a wish to be shot of them and start moving on, it would be reassuring to see a bit more evidence that that’s the case.

  3. July 26, 2008 12:01 am

    Has anyone paid any attention to this sick phenomen of Radicalism in Serbia? It’s reminiscent of fascism. Just as I hoped there will never be wars in the Balkans anymore, Radicals have convinced me that another war is unavoidable. These Serbian Radicalists operate under one formula “My Way or Highway!” They are not interested in human rights or tolerance of other minorities in Serbia. They are the worst extremists, only comparable to fascist ideologies. They even celebrate fascist ideologies, as they consider themselves “Chetniks.”

  4. Sazeeb (Bangladesh) permalink
    July 31, 2008 6:25 pm

    Look at Israel. Most of the countries already acknowledged this bustard state. On the other hand Western countries and their purchased media does not acknowledge the legitimacy of Bosnia.

    Any ordinary person can easily understand that the world is being ruled by the evil force. Every thoughtful man should start dawah activity in his own area so that we can get back the Islamic system (the Khilafah state) to bring back harmony in the universe not only for the Muslims but also all the living creatures…

  5. July 31, 2008 7:34 pm

    Okay Sazeeb – Israel does exit and will continue to exist and I’m not quite sure what we as Muslims keep trying to say with this. The reallity is that I do not want to cause another population shift or ethnic cleanse or attempt genocide – this is wrong to do to any human being.

    The Khalifa State? And just who is going to head this up? Someone from Saudi Arabia? Someone from Iran? Someone from Egypt? We’d go into war amongst ourselves over this and could very well end up with a tyrant leader. The idea scares me.

  6. July 31, 2008 7:38 pm

    Daniel – it was a relief to watch their planned protest turn into a complete embarassment for the radicals but I do think that some are tired of the economic suffering and are staying quiet for the EU bid. What happens when they are well on their way to it though? I think a carefull eye needs to be kept on the matter. I also think that Serbia needs to be forced right now into signing a mandate which does not allow them to annex any neighboring states land (ie RS in Bosnia).

  7. January 21, 2009 8:26 pm

    Jill Star = Darko Trifunovic.
    He posted that comment.

    He also spammed Srebrenica Genocide Blog with that text, but I rejected it. Now he is spamming all other forums in hopes to improve his tainted image with love letters from other Srebrenica Genocide deniers.

    Samaha, the link in his comment leads to an organization that actively participated in the Srebrenica Genocide denial. So called “Law Project” in Belgrade has close ties with Milivoje Ivanisevic and other Serbian extremists and genocide deniers.

    Apart from his ugly face, he has even uglier character.

    Darko Trifunovic is a former criminal involved in document forgeries. He also maintained close support to the network of people hiding Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic. Darko Trifunovic is a man without credibility, he is a distortionist who can only be appreciated within the circles of Srebrenica genocide denial. He will never be respected for credibility among the real academics. Why? Because he doesnt’ have any.

  8. January 21, 2009 8:28 pm

    Samaha, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to keep the comment by Srebrenica Genocide denier Darko Trifunovic on your blog. His link leads to Srebrenica genocide denial organization, so called “Law Project.” Would you like to promote those kinds of organizations on your blog?


  1. Global Voices Online » Serbia: Anglophone Bloggers Continue Discussion of Karadžić’s Arrest

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