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Serbia’s Radicals Losing It

July 25, 2008

At a press conference, SRS’s Vjera Radeta insinuated that Boris Tadic is sending groups of people to incite the peaceful protesters that are protesting Karadzic’s arrest.

However, it didn’t take any provocation for this comment:

“Podsećamo Tadića da se u Srbiji izdaja nikada nije praštala. Ne pretimo, ali upozoravamo na prokletvstvo koje je sve izdajnike u srpskoj istoriji pratilo. Podsećamo na krah dinastije Obrenović i rekla bih sadašnjim vlastodršcima da možda neće svi imati sreću Zorana Đinđića. Bog kažnjava do sedmog kolena i o tome bi trebalo da vode računa”, rekla je Vjerica Radeta.


“We remind Tadic that within Serbia betrayal has never been forgiven.  We aren’t threatening, but warning you of the damnation that every traitor has met in Serbian history.  We remind (you) of the crash of the Obrenovic Dynasty and I would say to today’s government officials that they might not all have the same luck as Zoran Dindic.  God punishes to the seventh knee (generation) and they should take to addressing this issue.” source

Well, maybe she is not personally going to do the dirty work but the references made above refer to assassinations and that statement most certainly is a threat.  The Obrenovic Dynasty ended with an assassination and for anyone who doesn’t remember Zoran Dindic – he was a key player in sending Milosevic to the Hague and was trying to clean up organized crime.

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  1. July 26, 2008 12:04 am

    Basically, they are threatening to assasinate Boris Tadic, because he is committed to peace, justice, and pro-European Serbia. Serbian Radicals are only comparable to fascists. It’s their way or highway. They have utter disregard for human rights and minorities in Serbia.

  2. Sazeeb (Bangladesh) permalink
    July 31, 2008 6:09 pm

    I cannot control my tear when I think about the history of Bosnian and Turkish Muslims. In the era of Uthmani Khilafah (the ottoman empire) Turkish Muslims has spread the message of Islam to the Bosnian. But, when the dogs of Karadzic were killing the innocent children of Bosnia (and hung their dead body in the trees of forest), the Turkish air force was in 15 minutes distance in the air way… they could not save the innocent. Dogs like Karadzic are nothing in front of the tigers of the khilafah army. These mighty army protected the innocent for thousands of years and eliminated all the hostile evil forces.

    Let us bring back the Khilafah to protect the ummah. Let us bring back the teachings of the holy Quran and bring back our dignity-

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