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Obama’s Celebrity Status, Schwartzenegger and .. Okay .. I’ll be Back Democrats .. I mean Republicans

August 1, 2008

Obama’s celebrity status, eh?  Well, considering McCain’s own flip flopping around – there’s not much out there to use. 

Schwartzenegger backing McCain and praising Obama really can’t help Obama’s ‘media phenomenon’ image that McCain has been referring to but it’s funny to have read it.  Schwartzenegger at least isn’t flipping sides.

I read the Schwartzenegger article and it reminded me of an event that I was at last fall where I met a Republican, I mean a Democrat running for office.  “I used to be a Republican but this administration is really doing a doozey and so I’m a Democrat now but I’m still anti-abortion” he told some people sitting next to me from a church that he had been to.  Then he turned to me and said “I don’t know why everyone thinks that Democrats are pro-choice”.  So, I said, “so you used to be a Republican”  and he said “yeah, a lot of us are doing that now, this administration is bad news.”

So I have to wonder, how many of these ex-Republican Democrats are really Democrats or are they repeating Schwarzenneger’s line “I’ll be back”.

Politics, Politics.

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