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Allah For Cubs

October 5, 2008

Update and Clarification:  Ricardo the organizer has clarified that the call for women to observe was because the women he had been inviting already were not willing to pray in public – so his call to observe was not how it looked.

I so missed this – I opened an email about the event at 12:50 today and if I knew I could have made it out by 1:30 .. I so would have been there.

Oh .. wait .. what?  As I’m writting this I’m going over the website and it says:

“Sisters, please come out and observe the brothers praying if you can to increase our numbers.  Your presence counts and we need your support.  Insha’Allah I will see you all there.”


Well, I guess I’m not feeling so bad anymore that my bro, my cuzs and all their friends would have gone way over the 100 number .. that’s not including the wives, girlfriends and the single female cousins.

Observe – grrrrrrr!

Okay .. so I’ll make my duas for the Cubs .. alone.

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  1. Ricardo Pena permalink
    October 6, 2008 2:24 pm


    I’m the guy that organized this event. All sisters that I invited said no because they’d be praying in public, so my appeal for them to come out and “observe” was because sisters were unwilling to come out and pray. I wish you would’ve asked me before posting your comment so you could understand the difficult position I was in.



  2. October 6, 2008 3:56 pm

    Salams Ricardo,

    I’ll edit the post. Thanks for clarifying. I don’t have the time to run around chasing down a contact for every item I may post to my blog about to confirm their intention behind what they have said or written, etc. but I’m more than willing to correct mistakes or misunderstandings when they occur.

    Peace ..


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