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Comments Are Closed Until Further Notice

April 26, 2009

From spammers associated with Serbian extremists to people with grudges making personal attacks on people that are dear to me .. I’m exhausted with having to actually research my commentors.  Yes, balkanqueen .. I know you live in or near Niles and your comment was pathetic.

I’m hardly posting these days due to lack of time but I’d like for these posts to stay up and still have the freedom to get to making a post every once in a while without having to babysit the comments.  So, I’m leaving pings and trackbacks open so those of you that still want to argue a point still have a way to do so.  Fair warning for my spammer .. I can still delete the trackback and even more easilly, I can block you.

This was a hard decision to make since I have quite a few commentors with whome I’ve enjoyed many discussions with but unfortunately I haven’t been able to acknowledge you and or discuss anything due to lack of time on my part .. and so I thought maybe this is for the best.   Thanks to all of you for the reasonable and rational discussions that have been had on here.

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