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Bill Shein on Citizens United

January 27, 2010

h/t to my brother-in-law Jim:

Bill Shein answers Pamela Harris’s question about what’s to come next.

This one was my favorite:

“May 30, 2034 – In what a spokesperson for “Humans are People, Too” called “deeply troubling,” the Supreme Court today ruled that the Constitution allows gay corporations to marry – under the broad power of the Commerce Clause – even though human homosexuals and lesbians may not. Within hours, Barneys New York and Banana Republic said they would soon make ‘a big announcement.’ (Shein, 2010)”

Read the timeline here.

All I can say about the subject is – I’m not too surprised.  I mean we enthusiastically gave up so many of our freedoms since 2001, ehhh how’s a little corporate marketing strategy going to influence elections?  Relax, have a coke and smile.

In light of that how about one of my own for the list:

March 30, 2047: Halliburton divorces The Pentagon Corporation for the young War for Oil, Inc.  Halliburton gets custody of Bush love child Iraq (which Pentagon adopted), as well as all of Pentagon’s assets, child support and maintanence payments from Pentagon.  Rumor has it that Halliburton and War for Oil are expecting their own child.  Favored names are Saudi for a boy, and Arabia for a girl.

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